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Join Victory Membership and Receive The Teaching, Guidance and Tools You Need To Succeed In Life! You Have Been Redeemed From Failure In Christ Jesus! 

In as little as 7 days you’ll become scripturally fit to overcome the challenges of daily living. Turn your burdens into triumphant situations or opportunities with consistently answered prayer. Become empowered in Christ by taking your authority in Him NOW! Receive specific Bible studies that work with the course for weight loss and good health, life purpose, prayer success, debt relief and money growth, and Christian Transformation


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Section 1Christian Growth Challenge
Lecture 1Course Introduction
Lecture 2Daily Praise and Worship
Lecture 3Day 1: Christian Empowerment
Section Quiz
Section 2Christian Growth Challenge Day 2
Lecture 1You Have Answered Prayer!
Lecture 2Bonus Lesson: What It Means To Have Faith NOW!
Section Quiz
Section 3Day 3: Observe, Detect and Correct
Lecture 1Transformed For Victory
Section Quiz
Section 4Day 4: Balanced and Centered
Lecture 1Strenghthen Your Position In Christ
Section Quiz
Section 5Day 5: Forgiveness Is Divine
Lecture 1The Power of Forgiveness
Section Quiz
Section 6Day 6: Your Kingdom Residence
Lecture 1Take Your Key!
Lecture 2Bonus Lesson: Knock On The Door
Section Quiz
Section 7Day 7: Losing Self
Lecture 1The Gospel Of The Kingdom
Section Quiz
Section 8Add-on Studies
Lecture 1Receive Specific Study
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