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The 7 Day Christian Growth Challenge

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

This is a must have course for all Christians! It’s now available. If you need help or have a question, please use the Chat Box at the bottom right of each page. If you have a discount code and it’s not working, let me know. I’ll issue you a new code.


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Section 1Christian Growth Challenge Day 1
Lecture 1Course Introduction
Lecture 2Prayer and Holy Spirit Lab
Lecture 3Labor To Rest Daily
Section Quiz
Section 2Christian Growth Challenge Day 2
Lecture 1Partner With God In Prayer
Lecture 2Bonus Lesson: What It Means To Have Faith NOW!
Section Quiz
Section 3Christian Growth Challenge Day 3
Lecture 1Dead Words Lead To a Dead End
Section Quiz
Section 4Christian Growth Challenge Day 4
Lecture 1Strenghthen Your Position In Christ
Section Quiz
Section 5Christian Growth Challenge Day 5
Lecture 1Forgive The Way God Forgives You!
Section Quiz
Section 6Christian Growth Challenge Day 6
Lecture 1Everyone Gets a Key!
Lecture 2Bonus Lesson: Knock On The Door
Section Quiz
Section 7Christian Growth Challenge Day 7
Lecture 1The Gospel Of The Kingdom
Section Quiz
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